An international EU/IEEE Workshop on "Industrial and Academic Experience in Aerospace Fault Detection and Diagnosis" was organized by Dr. Andres Marcos (DEIMOS) and Dr. Philippe Goupil (AIRBUS) with funds from the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) Outreach Fund and all the ADDSAFE partners.

ADDSAFE: workshop
Figure 1: ADDSAFE EU / IEEE-CSS Workshop

The workshop was devoted to the FDD practices in Aerospace and gathered 55 attendees and 29 technical speakers from academia (Universities from England, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, USA), research labs (ONERA, DLR, CNRS, CIRA, CNES), European industrial stakeholders (Astrium, Eurocopter, Innovative Works) and authorities (EASA, NASA, ESA).

The workshop served to present final results of the ADDSAFE project as well as their demonstration on Airbus facilities. It also served as a forum between aerospace FDD experts from industry and academia, with all very well represented and balanced as indicated in Figure 2. The rooster of attendees and speakers is given in Table 1.

ADDSAFE: workshop statistics
Figure 2: ADDSAFE EU / IEEE-CSS Workshop: attendace statistics

Table 1 ADDSAFE EU/IEEE-CSS Workshop: plenary speakers (PS), technical speakers (TS) and attendees (A)
Name Affiliation Talk
PS - Christine Belcastro NASA Langley (US) NASA Detection, Diagnostics, and Prognostics Research for Aircraft Loss of Control Prevention and Recovery
PS - Augusto Caramagno Deimos Space (Spain) Deimos activities in Aerospace FDIR
PS - Michel Comes Airbus (France) AIRBUS R&D activities & future
PS - Eike Kircher ESA-ESTEC (Netherlands) Technology R&D at ESA and perspective for FDI
PS - Michel Weiler EASA (Germany) Certification Aspects of Fault Detection and Diagnosis
S - Edward Balaban NASA Ames (US) Diagnostic and Prognostic of Electro-Mechanical-Actuators
TS - Johann Bals DLR (Germany) DLR activities in FDIR
TS - Jozsef Bokor SZTAKI (Hungary) Flight test platform for min-UAS insertion in the airspace: safety critical avionics
TS - Bruno Cavrois ASTRIUM Launchers (France) ATV FDIR: A system to ensure ISS safety and mission success
TS - Q.P. Chu Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) ADDSAFE: Sensor Fault Detection A Physical Model Approach
TS - Giovanni Cuciniello CIRA (Italy) Analytic Fault Tolerant Navigation for High Lift Re-entry Vehicles
TS - Carsten Doll ONERA (France) An Overview of FDI/FTC approaches investigated during the IMMUNE project
TS - Chris Edwards University of Leicester (U.K) ADDSAFE: Validation of Sliding Mode Observer FDI Schemes
TS - Patrick Fabiani ONERA (France) Safe reconfigurable avionic functions in future air systems
TS - Alex Falcoz ASTRIUM Satellites (France) Modern Control Techniques Applied to Satellite FDIR
TS - Vicent Feuillard EADS Innovation Works (France) Real-time uncertainty tracker for anomaly detection in a diagnosis context
TS - Benoit Frapard EADS ASTRIUM (France) FDIR in Space An Astrium perspective
TS - Philippe Goupil AIRBUS (France) ADDSAFE: Airbus benchmark and V&V
TS - Simon Hecker University Applied Sciences Munich (Germany) ADDSAFE: LPV Model Generation for the ADDSAFE Benchmark
TS - Max Massimi EUROCOPTER (France) Helicopter Problematic for Flight Control System FDIR
TS - Andres Marcos DEIMOS SPACE (Spain) ADDSAFE: H-infinity FDD design
TS - J.A. Mulder Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) Future perspective of Aerospace FDD: On global health monitoring
TS - Eric Bornschlegl ESA-ESTEC (Netherlands) ESA R&D: Advanced FDI and FTC
TS - Ron Patton University of Hull (U.K.) ADDSAFE: A Mixed H_/H-infinity reference-actual LPV fault estimator
TS - Peter Seiler University of Minnesota (US) Design and Analysis of Safety Critical Systems
TS - Hafid Smaili NLR (Netherlands) Aircraft Loss-of-Control Prevention from a Training & Flight Control perspective
TS - Balint Vanek SZTAKI (Hungary) ADDSAFE: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice in LPV FDI
TS - Andras Varga DLR (Germany) ADDSAFE: Synthesis of robust LPV FDD systems for monitoring flight actuator faults
TS - Pierre Viallefont CNES (France) The FDIR concepts on Pleiades optical high-resolution satellite
TS - Ali Zolghadri CNRS-IMS/University Bordeaux (France) ADDSAFE: From theory to real-time implementation and tests
A - Halim Alwi University of Leicester (U.K) --
A - Dominique Chatrenet AIRBUS (France) --
A - Lejun Chen University of Hull (U.K.) --
A - Jerome Cieslak CNRS-IMS/University Bordeaux (France) --
A - Andras Edelmayer SZTAKI (Hungary) --
A - Laurens van Eykeren Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) --
A - Alain Fastre Aeroconseil (France) --
A - Gilles Ferreres ONERA (France) --
A - Joao Frota Aeroconseil (France) --
A - Sharon Graves NASA Langley (US) --
A - Georges Hardier ONERA (France) --
A - David Henry CNRS-IMS/University Bordeaux (France) --
A - Xavier Loiseau Aeroconseil (France) --
A - Daniel Ossmann DLR (Germany) --
A - Luis F. Penin DEIMOS SPACE (Spain) --
A - Guilhem Puyou AIRBUS (France) --
A - Germain Sabot AIRBUS (France) --
A - Cedric Seren ONERA (France) --
A - Xiaoyu Sun University of Hull (U.K.) --
A - Laia Vilalta Estrada Aeroconseil (France) --